Two main levels of involvement.

Fully managed system. This full level of service is ideal for any company that wants to become compliant, but unfortunately does not have the time, experience or desire to do the work in-house.

We will put together all the necessary policies and audits that are required for your industry and company, once this is done; a member of our technical team will assist you in the completion of risk assessments and audits, their job is to ensure you understand your requirements and duties and that the risk assessments are completed correctly.

They will then undertake further follow up visits to your premises during your agreement period, ensuring everything remains compliant and changes are implemented and that you have reactified any short-comings found during the initial assessments.


The most popular service. Our Abbreviated System. If you believe you have the necessary experience and competency in-house, but still need a little help with formulating all the policies, audits and risk assessments; then this is the system for you.

We will put together all the necessary policies, audits and template risk assessments, necessary for your business, these are supplied in an easy to follow 'KISS' [keep it simple] system, so your nominated competent person can quickly and effectively complete everything to achieve compliance.

Fitting the pieces together.

Both systems also include:

  • 24/7 telephone helpline
  • Regular updates of legislative changes
  • Weekly e-newsletter
  • Accident investigation service
  • Information and guidance on 'Third Party' working