The client base is continually growing, with companies of all sizes retaining us to provide health & safety services and training.

From clients who are 'sole proprietors' working on their own or as self-employed to larger companies, to clients who have outlets/offices in every major UK town. Each receives the same excellent level of service and customer care.

Currently there are clients from the following industries:

  • Voluntary and Chartiable organisations
  • Motor trade and vehicle repair
  • Roofers
  • Builders and associated trades
  • Religious
  • Housing associations
  • Community Care - Nursing homes, Kindergardens and Nurseries
  • Adult education outlets
  • Retail and wholesale outlets
  • Council and community groups
  • Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association H&S supplier.
  • Butchers.

UK approved ChurchSafety suppliers

No matter what size your company is or how many outlets/depots you might have, we can help you with your health & safety compliance.