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March already and great start to month. We have just taken on two new qualified technical staff to assist with training and audits. Both Jim and Jon will be continuing with visiting their respective favourite clients,  just to keep continuity of service maintained. 

We ended on a high last year with numerous new clients plus 100% retention of existing clients. Now onwards and upwards with improved poliicies and services. We have listened and the technical team have stepped up to provide.


This has been a fantastic year so far for the company, we are really looking forward to seeing what 2024 has in store for us

Available for all existing [and new] clients - a comprehensive set of 'Toolbox Talks' in easy to use 5-10 minute sets. Keep compliant with your staff training requirements. Just drop us an email or call the office.

Great start to 2023 with 10 new clients in first month.

Our MD attended the Canary Island office to handle some unexpected audits for clients based there.

COVID is still with us and affecting all. hopefully you will have survived and your business is still going strong.... --- WE ARE STILL HERE......

Email your health and safety requirements or training requirements to us and we will endeavour to assist.


From January 2018 we shall only be operating under the name of NHASCO and NHASCO [N.I.]. This will not affect our services or commitment to providing the best service we can to you.


Been very busy time for us over the last year with changes in personnel, and accounting.  We have taken on some new very large clients and everything is still going forward


Everything is back on line with training courses continuing and new clients being signed up.

Due to personal situations within the company our site has been neglected for a few months, we have now got new people in place to ensure it is kept current.


  • Company name changes - NHASCO and NHASCO[NI]